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Brothel foyer

The Brothel is located in the town of Silajam and being handled by the Brothel Madame, who may take you on a quest of solving her establishment problems. You can also visit it as an ordinary client... or a worker.

Hiring Girls[]

After asking about the girls, you can choose from a number of prostitutes to have sex with.

  • Daisy (Requires: 10GP + no chastity worn), inexperienced and shy.
    • You can get a Blowjob
      • To get a deepthoat you can ask her, and she won't mind if you have the Charisma 7. Otherwise... you can force her, but only one warning is given before they ban you from the Brothel.
    • For 5GP you can take her from behind
  • Rose (Requires: 15GP + no chastity worn), used to serving clients.
    • Blowjob, again, but you need 12 Charisma to convince her politely to deepthoat.
    • Take her from behind for additional money.
  • Ivy (Requires: 20GP), “cold beauty”.
    • Blowie, when no chastity.
    • Another hole for an additional payment.
    • She's packed with another thing for pleasing clients, and will gladly just ram your butt viciously.
  • Kylira (Requires: 5GP) — available if you encountered him twice and suggested to enter the Brothel beforehand. Also you peek on him serving a client before that as a one-time event.
  • Lupa (Requires: 20GP + completing all the Madame quests)
    • Three times you can ask to give her a Blowjob, and on fourth you will be asked to take the responsibility for her fixation on that. If you have no Dignity left, you can't answer negatively.
    • Get “bred”
    • Help each other (69)
  • In training (requires the Madame quests finished + Bitch 1) — inexperienced Weresluts can't wait to get a hole, and you can help them with that. For free.
    • Give head.
    • Get banged.
    • Both ends (requires Bitch rank 2).

Joining The Brothel[]

You can become a worker of the brothel yourself if you have a low purity/the catamite perk. The fact you're a boy doesn't bother clientele much. After that you have a choice to:

  • Offer your services as a top (Requires: Top 3 + no chastity worn). It's with a feminine guy. Before you start, a check in Top perk comes:
    • If you fail it entirely, you need to pass Endurance 6 check to at least be able to hold on until he finishes.
    • If you pass the Top 3, you service him good.
    • If you pass the Top 10, you give him an insane run he will never forget.
  • Offer your services as a bottom, which leads to a wide variety of scenes, many require certain skills, equipment, or help.

Offering services as a bottom will increase your Lady of The Night perk score. Ending up with a very high (gradually, from 10 to 20) Lady of The Night score will end up with you offering your anal services for free, or even you paying the brothel to use the facility to service people! At this point you can no longer make money in the Brothel. Not that Hiro was expensive to hire in the first place.

Below is a list of actions that can be done as a bottom, and the number of gold that can be earned from that action next to it.

Job Earned Description
Kissing 1GP You just arouse potential clientele. It's a way to farm coins, but a time consuming one for sure.
Handjobs 2GP There are checks in Crank Master perk 1, 2, 3, that can earn you 1GP extra. Fail — and you'll get 1GP.
Blowjobs 3GP Blowjob Expert 1, 2, 3 checks for a tip. Again, bad service means a client angry and earning less.
Ass (with condoms) 5GP Perfect Bottom check following.
Ass bareback 7GP Requires Perfect Bottom 4. Also has a check in this perk for additional 1GP.
Special services 1:
Virginity selling 10GP (just once) It's with polite handsome guy, so if you never had it in your butt, it's not the worst deal. He'll take a look at other virginities.
Girldick Deflowering 15GP (only once) The middle-aged well-kept woman with a good apparatus in her pants really wants to give it a first run.
Girlfriend Experience 10GP Requires Perfect Bottom 6. It's with another adventurer, so your Purity and Dignity are going to suffer. You go for a walk together, and then he spends a night stuffing Hiro full. He never gives tip, but at some point you answer him either: You do it by choice, and he will treat you like slut you are; Just need money, and he'll dirty talk Hiro for being a bad adventurer.
Schoolgirl Roleplay 30GP (only once) Requires wearing a chastity cage. Some guy wants to ram a boy in the chastity, who pretends he is a schoolgirl. In the room with a window, from which you eventually will be showing yourself to the street. While dressing, you choose either Cute outfit, or Hot one.
Special services 2:
Fellow Mercenary Requires Brothel Madame quests finished, and to hire a trainee Wereslut to suck her off. Madame will present you to another of her mercenaries and tell him of your second occupation.
Gagged and fucked Equipped Gag required. Muscled fellow wants you, tied up and mute.
Bead Play Equipped Beads and Gag required. Some fanatic really likes beads torturing.
Powdered Princess Perfect Bottom 8 + low purity required. Ever wanted feel precious? Well, someone needs a soft and nice toy for himself. So you rub yourself with powder and let him play with you like with a doll.
Tag Team You need Kylira working in the Brothel.


Starting the sixth job from the Brothel Madame you can look up some additional rooms. First of all you may try to check the Doggy Door. Perception 8 check starts, or, passing Perception 5, you will have the Agility 5 check to evade a horny Wereslut. If you fail, you get your throat used hard.

Then you can check the other doors:

  • Brown: just a futa hooker on receiving end, moving on.
  • Red: Lura is giving a guy the hard time there.
  • White: Lupa is giving her client what he didn't quite expect.
  • Transparent.
  • Blue: the Madame is punishing somebody in her usual manner.
  • Pink: a worker of the Brothel packed with something impressive spots you peeking and blackmails you to suck her off. You may:
    • Obey
    • Disobey, and you will have to take punishment.
      • Service Lura, who will mouthbreed you as it could be expected.
      • Service Madame by drinking a tonne of loads put into her ass by strangers.
      • Service Werewolves. Leads to a really extreme group fun with a bunch of weresluts.