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Brigands are thieves, and bandits who prey on coin pouches, and unsuspecting butts. They can be found all across the world.



When encountering an ordinary (Weak) brigand, you better scout the area. If you won't, a perception check will appear. If your Perception is 6 or above, you can spot them before they spot you. With a Perception 4 you will get in a battle and lose 10 health. If you fail the Perception check, the battle is starting with Brigand taking Hiro from behind standing. So, you kinda can go along and satisfy her, as hers battle may be won any sensual way existing.

If your scouting/Perception was sufficient, there's a stealth check. By winning it, you will be able to Talk, Leave, Sneak Attack, Range Attack... or sneak attack their butt if you're not in chastity cage. If you're not stealthy enough, then it is only a choice between rushing and talking. If you speak to her, she will offer getting pounded by her, so you may:

  • Accept (Requires: low purity/catamete perk)
    • Ask her to not finish inside, after that the Charisma 4 check plays to determine if it's gonna be a facial or a soar throat afterwards.
    • Don't ask, and Hiro will be able to climax himself.
  • Suggest 69 (Requires: Charisma 4 + usable cock)
  • Decline

Declining her offer can result in different outcomes. If you have Kylira as a companion, Kylira will take your place for you. If you do not have Kylira as a companion and have a Charisma score of 5 or above, the brigand will simply walk away. If you fail a Charisma check, you can either bribe her (10GP) to walk away or stay silent. Being silent will cause her to attack you.

Defeating the brigand in combat will allow you to:

  • Backstab her (Requires: Free cock)
  • Straddle her (Requires: low purity/catamete)
  • Leave her

Losing or Surrendering to her will result in her going down your throat. A slutty character will eagerly enjoy this, which provokes a question before they start of "Why didn't you just ask?"

Brigand Thief[]

Brigand thieves are more interested in money than butts, so with less then 20 coins on hand you're spared. Upon encountering a Thief and having money, an Agility check will play. With Agility 7 you stop her and gain 3 EXP. If you have less than 2 agility, the Thief will steal your gold, and make off with it. If you have an Agility score 2-6, you will have a chance to confront her when she steals your money. If you have a Charisma score below 7, a fight will ensue. Winning will earn you your money back + some, and 5 EXP. Losing will result in the thief taking off with your gold (thieves are considerably tougher than regular Brigands). If your Charisma score is 7 or above, she will return the money she stole to you.

Brigand Horny[]

This one type can only think about letting out some steam, so she'll right away ask you if you're okay with hitting the nearest tree with your hands, promising to give you handy in return. Decline, and you can either fight or go away safely. After the fight, if you win, you can: ask for her butt with alcohol in inventory, get a nice sucktion, decide to ride her, or just go away. But if you're gonna lose, get ready for what comes next.

Brigand Cottage[]

Find this one in the Wastelands and beyond. You can try to speak cant, their slang, and she'll come out from her house, drunk. With Charisma 6 you still can just get away with a bit of a drink, but you also can seduce her with Charisma 3. After that, if your Lust is really high, you can ask for it here and now, which results in being pounded outside of house. Otherwise, she invites you in.

After a bit of time pases you can just offer a suck to her. That gives you a choice eventually to move on (same as Keep flirting, see below) or keep it, and:

  • Make her finish with slow and skillful technique: Blowjob Expert 5
  • Suck hard: Blowjob Expert 3
  • Let her handle this so she grabs the hair of Hiro and starts using his mouth freely

If you keep flirting instead or move on from blowie, you both decide to start the real action. With sufficient Top score you can be the top, so you choose how to take her: face to face, in hands and knees, or biting the pillow.

Exactly same choosing options are true if you're the bottom, but if this is gonna be the last position, you can either ask for it gently or growl for a rough beating on Hiro's door.

Combat specifics[]

Below is the list of ways every Brigand can be defeated:

  • Win
  • Dominated
  • Satisfied
  • Satisfied (Oral)

Brigands are defined by two different variants (Weak & Strong) which alter their stat values. But, their combat is rather typical of most giving preference enemies. They don't Seduce, but Rub themselves when opportunity comes. At High Lust, as well as if they're able to penetrate, the Brigand will attempt Full Nelson. They're usually not so strong, but when they can they'll start pounding standing. Brigands will Plop Down, then 69, and penetrate when it's posible. Unlike many similar Giving preference enemies, Brigands will Cowgirl you if you are Laying Face Up while erect. There is no unique dialogue for this though.


  • A cant is an informal language/dialect, used between people of certain professions or inside selective social groups, which often allows strangers to recognize each other as being in a similar walk of life. In ToA, the cant used by Bandits is almost entirely present in the every bit of dialogue said by the Brigand in Encounters.
    • This specific cant appears mostly to emphasize accented shortenings of words (Going To becomes Gonna) and verbs (Doing becomes Doin'). This is done rather casually, to match the informal and lax lifestyle of those who use it.
    • There's an encounter variant entry, in the game's script files, for Horny Brigand (Cant) Hail. While there's no text or dialogue, for this, it does have a (No-Cant) variant that is currently used in the game. This could mean there's plans to make the Cant a full mechanic, affecting Brigand encounters in-particular.
    • Hiro tries to imitate the cant, spectacularly failing to, which highlights him immediately as not being a thief or bandit. This though, in the Encounter, shows that the Brigand is more so interested in the fact he'd lie about knowing the cant simply to share the company of a Brigand. (Which in the encounter leads to casual sex or sharing a meal).
    • This also explains why the Brigand in the Cottage Encounter never remembers you, why there's a 'Strong' variant of the Brigand and why there are Thief Brigands that act differently in their victory conditions.
    • Maj, a writer for ToA, has stated that the plan for Story Mode is to have storylines that branch with certain character interactions. (As of writing this, there are victory choices for the Brigand in Story Mode that lead to either asking for their 'Companionship', leading to sex, or their weapon. Taking their weapon has them tell you that they won't be able to practice their trade anymore.) This seems to indicate that characters like those listed will potentially gain branching stories through the Story Mode. (Speculation)
  • The Brigand has 2 endings, in Story Mode, which have you giving up your quest by going the wrong way (this gives you an Achievement) or having to traverse the pass when snow has fallen. There's also a Game Over, by being defeated and choosing 'Steel'.

Picture Grid[]

Normal Missionary Standing
Irrumatio Irrumatio 2 Backstab
Backstab (Ooh) Backstab (Cum) w/Kylira