Description[edit | edit source]

Brigands are thieves, and bandits who prey on coin pouches, and unsuspecting butts. They can be found all across the world.


Variations[edit | edit source]

Brigand[edit | edit source]

The most common type of brigand. They can be very hostile if you are caught off guard by them. If the area they are in is not scouted beforehand, a perception check will appear. If your perception is 6 or above, you will spot them before they spot you. You will also spot them beforehand as well if the area is scouted enough. If you have a perception of 5, the brigand will cut you dealing 5 damage, and a battle will ensue. If you have a perception score of 4 or below, the brigand will have surprise buttsex with you. You can either fight your way out of it, or take it, and allow them to cease hostilities. If however, you managed to catch them off guard, you can either speak to them or charge in for an attack. If you speak to her, she will offer to have sex (with you being on bottom, of course). You can counteroffer with a 69, or just straight decline. 

"Accept her offer?"

  • Accept (Requires: Slut)
  • Suggest 69 (Requires: Charisma 4+ Free cock)
  • Decline

Declining her offer can result in different things. If you have Kylira as a companion, Kylira will take your place for you. If you do not have Kylira as a companion and have a charisma score of 5 or above, the brigand will simply walk away. If you have a charisma score of 4 or below, you can either bribe her(10GP) to walk away or stay silent. Being silent will cause her to attack you.

Defeating the brigand in combat will allow you to fuck her in numerous ways, or leave her.

  • Backstab her (Requires: Free cock)
  • Straddle her (Requires: Slut)
  • Leave her

Losing to her will result in her throatfucking you.

Brigand Thief[edit | edit source]

Brigand thieves are more interested in money than butts. Upon encountering a thief, an agility check will appear. If you have less than 2 agility, the thief will steal your gold, and make off with it. If you have an agility score higher than 2, you will have a chance to confront them after they steal your gold. If you have a charisma score below 7, a fight will ensue. Winning will earn you your money back plus some, and 5 exp. Losing will result in the thief taking off with your gold (thieves are much tougher than regular brigands). If your charisma score is 7 or above, she will return the money she stole to you. Having an agility score of 8 or more will allow you to stop her before she even steals anything.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Below is the list of ways the brigand can be defeated.

  • Win
  • Dominated
  • Satisfied
  • Satisfied (Oral)

Picture Grid[edit | edit source]

Normal Missionary Standing
Irrumatio Irrumatio 2
Backstab (Ooh) Backstab (Cum)
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