Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Bonus Points distribution screen

Beginning Bonuses are resources or game points given in addition to default ones. Available to the player in creation of new character in return for Bonus Points. The player can get Bonus Points by completing achievements: 1 point for one achievement in Ironman mode, otherwise 1/2 of a point. Given that most of them can only be earned while causing a Game Over, it's reasonable to farm them in Ironman mode specifically. As of v.0.3.15 there are 22 Bonus Points to distribute in total.

Choosing options[]

The higher is level of an option, the more points are required to choose it and goods given to player.

  • Bonus stat points (Lvl 1-3): 1 per each rank.
  • Bonus skill points (Lvl 1-3): 2 per rank.
  • Bonus soul crystals (Lvl 1-3) for learning spells: 2 per rank.
  • Bonus perk points (Lvl 1-3): 2 per rank.
  • Bonus gold (Lvl 1-3): 50 per rank.
  • Bonus food (Lvl 1-3): 40 per rank.
  • Potion set (Lvl 1-3): per each rank a few healing for 20 potions are given, and one potion for raising Strength, Agility, and Endurance.
  • Clothing set: you're given a skirt, a helm, gauntlets and notably boots, which are useful for encountering a Spider early.
  • Cage key: can be used to unequip a chastity cage.
  • Starting point:
    • Second map: you start the game at the beginning of the second map — Lvl 1.
    • Second Map Outpost: start the game at the Outpost — Lvl 2.