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Battle occurs when another character becomes aggressive. You can avoid them sometimes, or you can choose to attack. In a fight you'll have to use available skills, whose effectiveness is heavily affected by stats and perks you have. Defeating the opponent ordinary way will reward you with experience and dignity, though you usually also have the alternatives.


Your actions in the course of combat will determine the resulting reward and scene with the character you fight. For various types of opponents there are different ways of winning (or „winning“). You can see the available outcomes in an extendable side bar on the right hand side of the Battle Screen.


You've surrendered to the enemy.

Use the Surrender skill in the Kneeling stance. In the majority of encounters it will be identical to losing, but sometimes...


The enemy is no longer willing to fight, because they've become submissive.

Pound them good.

Satisfied (Oral)[]

The enemy is satisfied (orally) and will no longer fight.

Increase the Satisfied effect and end on an oral type of stance.


The enemy is satisfied and will no longer fight.

Increase the Satisfied effect and end on any other receptive stance than the oral ones.


The enemy is no longer able, or willing, to fight, usually because their HP has been reduced to 0.

Defeat the enemy by reducing their HP to 0.


You are unable to continue to fight, as your HP has been reduced to 0

Have your HP be reduced to 0, or enter the fight already having no HP.


Some enemies will stop the fight by themselves if you're making a certain move.


Snakes have the ability to kill you by winning grappling.


Go ahead, drink.

Enemy's Drunk[]

Best done with the spell of Intoxication.

Scrambled Eggs[]

Have no lower armor on you while fighting the Dark Knight.

In a fight[]

For a melee attack you need a weapon, which scales from Strength/Agility/both. Weapon has a grip, which can be lost when parrying strikes, resulting in dropping it. You can also shoot arrows with a bow, which can be done from a distance. You also have a shield (if your grip on weapon isn't two-handed). It's good for blocking, but remember it has durability.

Stances enable you to use certain families of skills and may put you in advantage/disadvantage. Stances can be changed by using a skill that switches you into a different stance, or sometimes you can be forced into a different stance by opponent's action.

In the course of battle you use various skills accordingly to situation (higher Perception reveals next moves of opponent). Block/Fade Away are good for blocking strikes. Spring Attack/Tempo Attack are your common attacking moves, but they aim for middle section. Other parts of body may have own armor.

If Full Nelson is available, you can win at grappling and throw your opponent to the ground. Crushing Blow is very effective when they're down.

When a skill name is written in red, it means you'll trip using it. Yellow is a sign of tripping being close. Regain stability by going defensive. Also remember to return used up stamina with the Second Wind or other defensive moves. Many other skills are situative, for example, Overrun can help you decrease enemy's stability and force them to back off.

You can also use Incantation, but keep in mind that, unless you're a pure Mage, you likely don't have mana for outstanding sorcery. Healing and debuffing spells come in handy anyway. Mage is a tricky class, which won't work well without getting mana recovery items and soul crystals from every Golem.

Alternative „weapon“[]

Most of opponents can be pacified by making them have their way with a playable character. Sometimes it's not worth it, sometimes you won't be losing much and even gain experience. There are certain enemies who will surrender when you violate them. So, how is it done? By using Seducing stance, or Full Nelson -> Make Out, and having a high Charisma stat. Other suggestive actions work, too. You can arouse them specifically into giving you ”candy”, or warming up your ”cavern”. When they're at ”Erect” state, adopt a position needed (look up Stances page). Different positions may have own artworks. Check Advanced tips for additional info.

Battle attributes[]

  • Health

Your hit points. When your health reaches 0, you lose the current fight. That doesn't mean Game Over, but usually leads to being abused. Your physical (Strength, Endurance, Agility) stats are decreased when on low health. Use healing spells, potions, or drink goo (needs Cum Drinker perk) for restoring it.

Note that bandages do not recover health, but are used for stopping Bleed effect.

  • Stamina

Most combat skills cost a certain amount of stamina (the cost can be reduced by having a higher Endurance stat). Certain combat skills regain stamina, like "Guard" and "Second Wind", both in the "Defensive" stance. Certain skills can also affect the stamina of your opponent, and some opponents can use skills like "Gutcheck" to knock the wind out of you, thereby lowering your stamina. But you have own ways of stamina destruction.

Be aware that being on low stamina incurs a debuff to your physical stats.

  • Stability

Stability is also a combat resource. It's a representation of your footing, reaching 0 will trip you and force into a "Prone" stance. Most offensive skills cause an amount of "instability" (reduced by having a higher Agility stat). Most defensive skills will recover some. As with health and stamina, your opponent also has a stability bar. Keep an eye on it, it will help you predicting next moves (the lower their stability the more chances there are they'll go defensive).

Note that opponents can use some skills to trip you if you're on low stability (and you can correspondingly).

  • Armor

Armor covers specific areas of the body. It has a durability and a damage reduction factor. When an attack hits an armored part of the body, some of the damage will be reduced by the armor's damage reduction, while the armor will lose an amount of durability. When the durability of an armor piece reaches 0, the damage reduction on that body part is negated. Keep an eye on opponent's armor to see which piece you should attack to sunder it and start damaging their health bar directly. Given the enemy has a high amount of armor durability, the perk Sunderer and the skill Armor Crusher are useful for taking the enemy down.

  • Mana

Mana is a combat resource and it is used to fuel your spells. Ways of regenerating said resource are through mana chunks (Golem may hand them over if you have 6 Charisma) and resting.

  • Belly state

Your belly state is a representation of your belly's „fullness“. If you have received a lot of something anally, you might be "stuffed", getting a stat-debuff. While you can be full of geez, your belly can also be full of eggs.

  • Penis state

Your penis state is a measurement of how erect your penis is. It is divided into the following stages: Flaccid - Semi-erect - Erect (ready to go) - Full Mast - Edging, and then Climax.

These stages are attained through building arousal, by opponent's or own actions. Arousal builds Lust which lowers your stats though. Your enemy's body functions exactly same way.

A higher Lust will also increase the rate of which arousal is increased.

Effects are conditions that affect the character dependent on their or your actions. They can be positive or negative.