Tales of Androgyny Wiki

The Arena is located in the Town of Monsters. It is a place to farm gold, and experience. Also you gain 30 Dignity in total from it. Entrance costs 15 gold. Before challenging the Arena, the player must be confident in his build, having comparatively high stats, sufficient armor and weapon, and presumably a shield.

The enemies are divided by three circles, each one makes you fight the three enemies in one turn, every battle attribute (stamina, stability, armor durability) not being recovered until the next circle. In between you will have a tile in the overworld to rest/camp.

Number Enemies Reward
First Harpy Mating, Female Goblin, Wereslut In Heat 5 EXP, 10GP
Second Brigand Weak, Golem, Naga ordinary 5 EXP, 10GP
Final Ogre, Puca, Arachne 10 EXP, 30GP