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Arachne is a former human priestess who was turned into a half-spider being because of black rituals happening in now turned ruins sacred caves. She continued living there giving birth to lesser spiders.



Traversing her caves you can get into a closed room, and with Perception 5 find there 30 gold and food. Then the floor suddenly collapses, and you have Agility 7 and 4 checks that, if failed, lead to Endurance 7 and 4 checks, and you lose health for failing each. (If you get unconscious, it will be a Game Over.) If you passed the Agility check, after some time you find a wall you can activate with Magic 2 or 4 to receive EXP. Finally, you'll need to wear any boots to not get caught into the webbing. Otherwise you end up getting orally egged (Game Over).

In the lair[]

If you've gotten so far, after the next choice regardless of what you do with a little spider you found you get to fight Arachne (though if you attack him, you get backstabbed). By winning you will receive a Masterwork Gladius.

But if you're gonna lose, prepare to make a difficult choice: either get eaten, or witness her pumping the seeded eggs into the Hiro's belly. She also gives him a feminine attire made from spider web (equippable on inventory screen). After that there are checks in Strength 7, Endurance 5, and Magic 3 that can let the character escape, and after a few days the spiders will be given birth in overworld. If he fails them all, it's an achievement and a Game Over where Arachne is using him as an incubator with four additional types of scenes described.

Pervert Picture Grid[]

Normal Eggs Eggs(Internal)
Eggs+(Internal) Spidoo