Tales of Androgyny Wiki

In-Game Description[]

A divine creature serving an ancient, long forgotten goddess.  It's not certain what domains her goddess has or had as her charge, but it is known exactly how long her trumpet is.


The angel can be found at the altar in the first area of Ironia. Upon reaching the altar, you can either:

  • Pray
  • Profane the altar (Requires: Free cock)
  • Leave

If you pray, the angel will come down, and ask if you are a devotee

  • Yes (Lie)
  • No

If you say you are a devotee, angels will come down and fuck you for a day straight.

If you said no, she will still offer some blessings if you give an offering, or confess some temptations. You will be given a few options.

  • Confess your temptations
  • Attack her
  • Remain silent

If you confess, she will offer to suck you off. After some time, you have the option to either let her keep sucking you off or buttfuck her. Having buttsex with her will require 5 charisma.

If you attack her and lose, she will buttfuck you with her trumpet. If you win, she will offer you her holes. You can either fuck her in the pussy, fuck her in the ass, or leave her alone.

Profaning the altar will require a free cock. Doing so will result in you buttfucking the angel. Once you cum inside her ass, she will make you lay down, and accept all of it back into your mouth as punishment for your sin.


Below is the list of ways the angel can be defeated.

  • Win
  • Dominated
  • Pacifist
    • Requires you to use the "Hit the deck!" skill upon entering combat, rolling over, and then resting.