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After you get to know basics in a battle, there's still a room for winning faster and keeping all of your health. Tips on more advanced combat can help you to spend resources efficiently, and have a smoother walkthrough.

Advanced Stances[]

Blitz, Haymaker, Berserk, Stonewall, Counter.

Tactical thinking[]

Most battles have a pretty similar scenario: you stay in defense while enemy is attacking and spending stability, then you in turn destroy their armor and damage them, recovering when it's time (the Mages spend more time casting spells). It comes to having good stats, investing in damage, having a decent armor and a shield. But sometimes it's useful to be smart, and also attempt things that will put you in advantage (like pro-stances in a section above).

By the way, reading battle log is pretty useful. Learn to understand it.

You should keep your eye on health, stability, and stamina to not get screwed suddenly. Those are your resources. They're coming from your stats (watch the weight penalty you have, shouldn't go past 2; also try to not get injured seriously to not lose more stats; and sometimes you get drunk). If you want to be on maximum performance, there's no way these three things won't matter. Agility is an OP stat, as it gives you both free parries (you deflect damage randomly) and more stability, and it also matters for skills sometimes.

You need good Perception, 7 or 6 at least to see moves coming. Even then you have to learn movesets to know what's coming to you and what measures you will take, every enemy has own stats and aggressiveness. Useful skills in addition to usual attacks and defences are Overrun and Combat Dodge. Make sure to have decent stability (by having more Agility or later on getting perks for combat footing). Overrun makes the enemy unstable, and doesn't necessarily trip, so you can just force them to back off. It also ignores blocking/evading, so basically is inescapable. Combat Dodge costs a lot of stability, and you'll need to invest skill points to get maximum chance in it, but then you'll be able to ignore single attacks (if you know that enemy won't attack anymore!) and instantly start your own offense. It's good if you manage to dodge Gutchecks — as they can even trip you if your Endurance isn't enough currently.


There's usually not much point in starting it, as you can't damage the opponent this way. If you're confident in your abilities, you can recover stamina in grappling and destroy theirs. You can throw them to the ground, but if they have enough stamina, they'll just get up with decent amount of stability recovered. So, at least make sure they're seriously winded.

Grappling is accessed from the Balanced stance usually, sometimes you will use it from Defensive. Keep in mind that while you hit the skill to grapple, the opponent still is making his move, so don't do that if they still attack. You need a good Strength to not fail it, and a decent Endurance. For most opponents 6 Strength and higher is okay.

When the enemy is flying, you can't grapple with them. Wait until they land by themselves, decreasing stability for them is helpful.

Grappling is really useful when it comes to starting fun with your opponent, forcing them into some positions, and Making Out, so read further about it.

Making love[]

File:Lewd explained.jpg

Some things to pay attention to

Why would you even do that? Well, it's hot. Lusty enemies won't fight really good (but don't arouse Ogres and Fire Elemental no matter what, and some others). That's probably all the tactical advantage you get. You can win most enemies by satisfying them, but then you don't receive most XP, and that isn't cool.

Know that sensual actions will arouse you, raising your Lust, which is decreasing your will to fight. Also large cum enemas debuff Agility by 1-2. There are many skills only used in lewd stances, which are all close to useless, but didn't you ever imagine spreading your legs possessively while in lying doggy...

Being a lead[]

If you don't wear a chastity cage, or didn't choose a training in being a girl from the Warlock, you can top enemies.

Some, like Drow Beast Mistress or ogres, because of physical obstacles can't be subdued, but most of the enemies really can. It takes additional effort to make flying creatures land, but they do eventually. Some weak opponents can be defeated by dominating them a few times, but stronger enemies will take it like champs and continue fighting.

Keep in mind ejaculating is wasting stamina and gives you the Oozed status effect, for three turns you won't be able to do anything but staying knelt. So, it's reasonable to seduce an enemy into being less aggressive (better done with Full Nelson -> Make Out, but Seducing stance is kinda working, too) to avoid getting defeated fast right after.

With that being said, you need for your cock to be Erect by filling the arousal bar twice (try Make Out stance and Grind on Hip). Then you can have your fun. Short guide for adopting different positions:

  • Standing Anal — go into Full Nelson, get maximum advantage over the enemy, hit the option.
  • Prone Bone — if they're lying prone, you can do it right away. Otherwise you can go Wrestling from Full Nelson and overpower them. Make sure they're face down.
  • Missionary — also can be done from Wrestling, but they must lay face to face with you (you can use Flip).
  • Doggy Style — sometimes they adopt Hands and Knees stance after Prone, if they're winded. Take advantage. From this position you can also change into different cowgirl stances.
  • Oral — if they're on their knees. It can happen in battle, or you can drop them to kness in Full Nelson.
  • Facefuck — available when they're lying Supine. If they're already lying face down, from the Balanced stance you can kick them over.


Get ready for losing some Purity and Dignity. Some enemies prefer a particular way of satisfying them (with the mouth or butt), some can't be satisfied.

There are particularly dangerous foes that will give you a lot of trouble if you let them have their way with you: first of all both Ogre and Ettin; Wereslut after a few moves inside gets you knotted and starts a scene; Spider and Wasp, if you let them use your butt, will start pumping you with their eggs, and the Female Goblin can, too. By the way, you get Red Perks when you lose, but not when getting owned in a battle.

The way you submit is similar to dominating, only this time you have to make your opponent Erect. Again, best way is Full Nelson -> Make Out -> Fondle, but if you can't, there's a Seducing stance you can learn. Your Charisma can help seducing fast enough. Various skills put the enemy into the mood for something particular. Also remember how the skills you use arouse your character, as he may even refuse some positions if he wants something else.

It's actually possible to avoid being ejaculated in. You have to pay attention to the battle log (arousal level is written directly under the enemy's action). It takes time to struggle out, also you can be Oozed at the moment, so time carefully to pull off when they are going to Climax. This way they will be left unsatisfied.

That's the short guide to how you can get owned in various receiving positions:

  • Oral — when you're knelt, aroused enemies will always try to use your mouth.
  • Handy — Kneeling you can outmaneuver them with enough speed though, grabbing their member and starting stroking. They'll eventually struggle out of it. But this is a way to get a facial instead of a mouthful.
  • Facefuck — when you're lying Supine (turn over from Prone), some enemies will just Plop Down, some can ride your mouth if you did arouse them for doing it with your mouth.
  • Facesitting — if you end up Supine, some enemies will sit on you. This way you can try to arouse them, sometimes they don't even want to leave you alone.
  • Standing Anal — they need to grab you in Full Nelson, and you must submit. Not everyone is going to attempt that.
  • Doggy Style — from standing they can change to it. But to start it yourself, you need to adopt Hands and Knees. You can do it with a certain skill, but also it can be done by starting Wrestling (from Full Nelson) and releasing them, being left in this position. Erect, they'll enter you soon.
  • Prone Bone — you need to be lying on the ground face down (lose your stability or use a skill). They can start Wrestling, and do it with you. Also they change here from doggy.
  • Missionary — only way is to get wrestled lying Supine until they enter you.
  • Cowgirl — if they're lying Supine, you can sometimes straddle the enemy. Not everyone is suitable for that. This actually is a good way to farm Perfect Bottom/Anal Addict perks, as you are in control, and can just spam standing up and sitting down.
  • Reverse Cowgirl — basically the same in gameplay.