Tales of Androgyny Wiki

Achievements are given out for completing special objectives in the game. Completing Achievements will also award you additional Bonus Points to use on your next run.

A list of your currently completed Achievements is present on the Progress screen of the Main Menu. An asterisk (*) will be shown after achievements that are completed in Iron Man Mode. Completing Achievements in this way awards additional bonus points.

Achievement List:

Title Official Description How to Unlock Game Over?
Ass to Mouth Get it in both holes in the wrong order. Take a cock in your anus and THEN your mouth in a single combat. NOTE: Not all opponents can trigger this as of v0.2.10.0. No
Queen Become a queen. Submit to the Beast Mistress' cat while you have a Beastmaster score of 3 or more. Yes
Wolf Hunter Complete the second bounty. Complete the second bounty mission the Brothel Madame assigns you. No
Bitch Become a bitch. Submit to a Wereslut while you have a Bitch score of 3 or more. Yes
Bounty Hunter Completed a bounty for the Brothel Madame. Complete the first bounty mission the Brothel Madame assigns you No
Horse Rider Become an expert horse rider. Submit or lose to a Centaur with an Equestrian score of 3. Yes
Pure Hero Defeated the Quetzal Goddess of Mount Xiuh without losing your anal virginity. No
Fallen Goddess Defeated the Quetzal Goddess of Mount Xiuh. No
Gokkun Got "married" to an eccentric noblelady and never looked at clam chowder the same way ever again. Be rough with prostitutes twice then explore the town square. Be sure to answer No or Insult Her when the option comes up, and don't try to escape. Yes
Perfect Toy Became a perfect toy for the demon merchant. Purchase something from the Strange Merchant while your Buttwear, Dickwear, and Mouthwear slots are equipped, and fail the Anal Addict check. Yes
Harpy Wife Become a harpy's "wife". Lose to a Harpy while you have an Cuckoo for Cuckoo score of 3 or more. Yes
Nine-Tenths Got possessed and made into a bandit meat receptacle. Lose to a ghost in combat. Yes
Locked Up Become a certain merchant's little toy lockbox. Talk to the Strange Merchant while you have an Anal Addict score of 3 or more,wearing any asswear. Yes
Number One Hero Defeated the Quetzal Goddess of Mount Xiuh at Level 1. No
Seat of Power Became the seat of power in Silajam. The First time you speak to the Brothel Madam choose "the chair creaked" then "your ass is fat". Yes
Nursery Got dolled up and filled with spiders. Survive the ruins long enough to encounter the spider. Deliberately lose the battle, and select the marriage option. Fail the following skill checks for the achievement. Yes
Wrong Way Took a wrong turn. Traveling to the over world tile "The wilderness" directly behind the player spawn in story mode. Yes

NOTE: The Pure Hero and Number One Hero achievements seem to be bugged and won't register upon completion or give you bonus points. (as of .jar version

If you want to skip doing these and just want the bonus points for whatever reason, in the .jar version of the game, open up the .toa data folder and open the profile.json file in any text editor (even notepad works). Copy this string in the achievements section (between the { and } symbols):



"QUEEN": 2,


"BITCH": 2,





"GOKKUN": 2,






This should give you 15 bonus points and the game will think you have done all of these achievements in iron man mode.

Do not try to manually force the pure hero and number one hero achievements as doing so will cause the game to crash upon clicking the progress option in the main menu (and presumably when you try and begin a game).